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DEC 14 2009 | r-n105_frame.sync voted best of 2009

r-n105_ frame.sync voted best of 2009 compilations and mixes of headpghone commute´s.

German based label, Raster-Noton, founded by Olaf Bender, Frank Bretschneider, and Carsten Nicolai, has been known for turning static noise into rhythms and re-interpreting daily patterns back into noise. The experimentation of sound approaches the academic level of archival dissertation and museum installations. So when the label compiles a disc with 14 tracks from its top notch artists, you don’t ask questions, you simply follow. Here are all of my favorite artists: CoH, Kangding Ray, Vladislav Delay, Fennesz, Pixel, SnD, Atom™, Byetone, and of course, Alva Noto. This compilation was originally given out for free with the ticket purchase for the OFFF Festival (Lisbon, May 2009), during which Raster-Noton showcased its artist roster in the same-titled event. With some unreleased material, this release is a must!