raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : raster-noton. raster-noton.unun @ ctm 2010 confirmed

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DEC 04 2009 | raster-noton.unun @ ctm 2010 confirmed

raster-noton.unun @ club transmediale 2010, wmf club, floor 2, berlin, 06.02.2010.

raster-noton.unun feat.

atom tm (DE // Chile)

aoki takamasa (JP)

senking (DE)

grischa lichtenberger (DE)

With the theme OVERLAP – Sound & Other Media, the festival continues the discussions begun during the highly praised jubilee edition in January 2009 regarding the situations, terms and future prospects of self-determined music creation and experimental audiovisual cultures. While the focus in 2009 was on the internal structures of independent music and media cultures, OVERLAP will broaden the scope to interfaces between music and other creative and economic fields. CTM.10 takes a critical look at the opportunities and risks of developments where media and creative disciplines melt increasingly together, and where previously fixed roles are now in motion. The discussion on how mutations in music culture should be framed continues.