raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : raster-noton. sounding space: emptyset. thurs 13-12-2012. 6-9pm.

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NOV 05 2012 | sounding space: emptyset. thurs 13-12-2012. 6-9pm.

The production will be focused around the fact that when one amplifies the basic constituents of sound into a building such as sine waves and noise, what is reflected back contains an imprint of the space and all of its nuances; just as when an acoustician plays pulses and sine wave sweeps into a space in order assess its properties, or when a bat uses echo location to navigate through an environment. In addition when feedback is applied into this system and channeled into the building via microphones and speakers one is able to coax out something of an underlying signature, something active and dynamic inherently embedded within the building, exposing a potential for the unexpected to emerge out of an environment conventionally regarded as static and inanimate.



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