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JAN 16 2009 | today byetone and blir at 2nd störung radio programm

today will be broadcasted the 2nd störung radio program.

below you'll find the playlist with tracks and artists that will be
played today:

1 - funckarma: "bee zaine", 5'54", (psar dymog, symbolic interaction)
2 - scanner+tonne: "tonne mix", 13'10'' (sound polariods, biphop)
3 - cheju: "pachinko", 6'56", (brokenwaves, boltfish recordings)
4 - blir: "10", 2'29'' (r-n064, raster noton)
5 - blir: "13", 2'06'' (r-n064, raster noton)
6 - byetone: "plastic star (session)", (death of a typographer,raster-noton)
7 - oba masahiro: "still - (motorofaam remix)", (prot, symbolic interaction)

all tracks selected by juan diego burillo and álex gámez.

störung radio is broadcasted live all fridays from 19h. to 20h. (GMT +1)
at ràdio trinitat vella, 91.6fm



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