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JUL 17 2009 | two new items on r-n shop: carsten nicolai. aleph-1 + art print

there are two new items available on raster-noton online store:

carsten nicolai. aleph-1 (r-n087), 2 x 12“ vinyl

the sound pieces of aleph-1 deal with the idea of infinity in terms of structure and length. without actual beginning or end, they fade in and out. the pieces have a very logically constructed nature of overlapping tracks, which seem to be never the same thus could be extended into infinity. the album consists of eight rhythmic circles, based upon acoustic material, at first sight very minimal but always carrying pulse and melody. music you can loose yourself in.

carsten nicolai. meyer construction of a quasicrystal (r-n086), art print

the art print MEYER CONSTRUCTION OF A QUASICRYSTAL: SPIKY DECAGON TILING2 is taken from carsten nicolais book GRID INDEX, the first comprehensive visual lexicon of patterns and grid systems. MEYER CONSTRUCTION OF A QUASICRYSTAL is one of the most complex patterns featured in the book.
limited edition of 30 offset prints signed and numbered by the artist.

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