bausatz noto infinity

noto, carste nicolai, 1998

a series of created sound modulations serves as the base of bausatz noto .
48 endless loops (locked grooves=loopes) cut onto two records, four sides, are equal elements, which then
assemble and form their own cosmos of their own imagination/concept. all endless loops have the same
duration = beat (133,3333 bpm). by using four turn tables, they can be seamlessly combined and mixed.
by changing the turns per minute (pitching) additional endless loops can be manipulated. a further
possibility to the eccentric arrangement of the records is offered by use of eccentric of the turning point.
4 records noto . abcd4 record player technics sl 1210 II ortofon concord dj cartridges 1 mixer with4 phono inputs amplifier stereo2 speaker JBL control 125 w [white]
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