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transmediale 2009

raster-noton.rhythm_screen @ transmediale 2009, january 28th, maria am ostbahnhof, berlin.

premiere of raster-noton's new multiscreen audio-visual performances:

- frank bretschneider
- alva noto
- byetone


at club transmediale 09, raster-noton will launch their first edition of rhythm_screen, a performance space which combines sound, light and architecture. the visitors can experience an immersive spatial approach with the performances of alva noto, byetone, frank bretschneider and SND presenting their audio-visual pieces.

the space will consist of mirroring surfaces and a refined play of light and sound. thus it creates an impressive environment that will make the listeners float in an almost endless dancehall space.

rhythm_screen is considered an initial experiment that will be further developed in the future.

raster-noton in cooperation with touchdesigner (www.derivative.ca)

transmediale 2009 artists

alva noto


frank bretschneider