raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : diamond version | PDIP6536 | ep 1-5 | 2 x compact disc

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PDIP6536 | diamond version. ep 1-5 | 2 x compact disc

with diamond version ep 1-5, we are offering the series of 12“ eps released by mute records over the last two years. this limited special japan edition bundles the five eps into a 2 compact disc set and offers a glimpse of what we can expect from diamond version's debut album, due in 2014 on mute. ep 1-5 includes a special bonus remix of “get yours” by depeche mode’s martin l. gore.

diamond version is the collaboration between two of the most groundbreaking, experimental and visionary creators in modern music, byetone and alva noto. as heads of the german-based label raster-noton, they have been releasing records that spectacularly blur the lines between the visceral and the conceptual, bridging the gap between gallery and dancefloor.

(...) “diamond version is a project born out of a live situation. we occasionally performed encores together after our solo sets. these spontaneous and improvised tracks always had a kind of “special energy” which we missed in our solo works.” the debut of their audio-visual live performance, with special guest atsuhiro ito, took place at sonar 2012.

release date: 2013-12-10

media: 2 x compact disc

image 1: diamond version | PDIP6536 | ep 1-5 | 2 x compact disc


technology at the speed of live | 07:32
empowering change | 06:59
empowering change / version | 03:00
science for a better life | 05:34
forever new frontiers | 07:07
shift the future / for no nukes japan 2012 | 01:20
turn on tomorrow | 06:50
turn on tomorrow / version | 03:21
sense of urgency | 04:41
get yours | 03:11
get yours / version | 04:53
live young | 04:46
when performance matters | 05:59
the future of memory | 05:05
operate at your optimum | 04:01
sense and simplicity | 03:45
make believe | 07:05
get yours - martin gore mix | 05:19