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cdr002 | komet. saat | compact disc

created by the one-man project Komet, it's a pleasant economical electronic- listening cd. listening to for the first time you think of an ´elegant and very relaxing piece of music. but the more often you enjoy the songs seem to open a more complex world of sounds. Somehow you can imagine yourself standing in the middle of a shiny aquarium with air bubbles rising up all around you. it is marked by a modern sound design without all the unnecessary loaded down weight. it's a timeless cd which stands far away from all the other so called "trendsetting" electronic releases in the past.

written, arranged & edited by komet
recorded at raster studio. april '95 - jan '96

release date: 1996-01-01

media: compact disc

label: rastermusic

label: raster series

image 1: komet | cdr002 | saat | compact discimage 2: komet | cdr002 | saat | compact disc


gate | 07:11
welt | 08:09
stalker | 08:45
step | 04:48
saat | 06:55
phase | 07:39
puls | 08:01
flut | 08:59
sign | 06:39