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cdr007 | goem. stud stim | compact disc

goem is frans de waard – probably most known from his ongoing work with kapottemuziek [since 1984], a group that fully concentrates on recycling through musique conc rete. besides he is a member of ambient group beequeen, quest, shifts and does »silly« [in his own words], preferable unsolicited remixes as captain black. his day-job occupation is with dutch recordcompany staalplaat.roel meelkop – visual artist with a strong interest in music. he is a member of the dutch electro-acoustic band thu20, and composes solo under his own name. last year trente oiseaux released his first solo cd [»9 holes in the head«], which was internationally well-received. together with frans de waard, he is also a member of the live version of kapotte muziek.

goem is entirely made with a device called »student stimulator«. this was found in a thrift store, and it‘s use is to give rhythmical pulses, to coordinate a steady response. the machine is used by goem to create a wide tapestry of beats, which are triggered by synths and efx. the result is listening music with steady beats.

release date: 1997-04-01

media: compact disc

label: rastermusic

label: clear series

image 1: goem | cdr007 | stud stim | compact disc


een | 04:27
twee | 05:17
drie | 15:02
vier | 03:23
vijf | 07:24
zes | 03:51
zeven | 02:47
acht | 05:59
negen | 04:24
tien | 04:05
elf | 04:54
twaalf | 04:48