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cdr008 | noto. infinity | compact disc

was produced as a sound project for documenta x. the partly very short 72 tracks (ø = 45 seconds) were infiltrated by different noises of daylife situations like airport, radio, railway station... in kassel for the period of 100 days. the source of the sounds is based in sound structures carrying information like fax, telephone and signaltones - that means very simple -+ sinewaves. the tracks are influenced by amorph structures reminding you of language sounds as well. this tracks shape a kind of untranslatable vocabulary. the whole cd itself is to understand as a soundpool and as an abstract audio piece.

endless loop edition itself is to be seen as an instrument of combinable loop elements. the basis for the endless loop edition is a series of tone modulations from the documenta x project. like an architects plan the tone modulations are cut into 48 endless loops on two records. that are equivalent elements which can be composed to an own universe of own idea.

release date: 1997-06-01

media: compact disc

label: rastermusic

label: clear series

image 1: noto | cdr008 | infinity | compact disc


track 01 | 68:30