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cdr010 | produkt. stretch | compact disc

The two longest tracks »shift« (13:15) and »wellen« (14:49) hilight the main points of the new Produkt-CD «stretch» simultaneously. While »shift« picks up the thread of the slow-mo technotracks of the previous CD «float», the peaceful, almost melodic »wellen« and »stretch«, the electric and totally hypnotic title track, enter a new musical direction for Produkt. Produkt has always stood for hypnosis, but this time everything is much more composed and concentrated than its predecessor. This impression will be intensified through the short sound structures which connect the tracks and remind us that rastermusic consists of two labels. The second label is noton, which is famous for totally unorthodox, avantgarde sound creations. The label is named after the founder noto, who is causing a sensation in international avant-sound-circles and in »shift« he also complets the members of Produkt.

all tracks by f. bretschneider. (except shift by bender/bretschneider/nicolai & funk by t. seidel)
mixed and edited by f. bretschneider, filter by o. bender & t. seidel
recorded at raster studio. sept. ´96 - june ´97

release date: 1997-06-01

media: compact disc

label: rastermusic

label: raster series

image 1: produkt | cdr010 | stretch | compact discimage 2: produkt | cdr010 | stretch | compact disc


shift | 13:15
> 1 | 00:26
funk | 06:22
> 2 | 00:30
nord | 04:29
> 3 | 01:03
wellen | 14:49
> 4 | 00:47
stretch | 11:39
> 5 | 00:22
form | 01:22
lift | 09:44