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cdr011 | komet. flex | compact disc

"flex", the second komet cd follows seamless it´s first release on rastermusic. altogether the tracks are more straight, less whirr spacy than on the predecessor (exception: the poly rhythmic vibrating title track), the sounds are more sophisticated, the anyhow hardly as melodies described two-notes-fragments more reduced, without making the music more inaccessible. even if the tracks begin so strange tricky like for instance "stop" or "pol" a familiar groove turns up soon. in spite of clearness komet always guarantees a pleasant, relaxed flow between trip and electro - abstract hypnotic pop. And "trakt" remembers somehow of Popcorn.

written, arranged & edited by f. bretschneider
recorded at raster studio. may '96 - july '97

release date: 1997-07-01

media: compact disc

label: rastermusic

label: raster series

image 1: komet | cdr011 | flex | compact disc


stop | 08:31
trakt | 03:33
flex | 11:11
pol | 05:53
plan | 06:21
dots | 06:41
null | 02:58
block | 04:49
tape | 07:33
real | 09:13