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cdr013 | marc behrens. final ballet | compact disc

»it is obvious, that the freest and most ecstatic and also widely most understandable form of dance in the western, postindustrial world comes from techno [and all other streams that are included in this term]..« m. behrens

final ballet is meant to be an offer for choreographing modern ballet.

the composition of single scenes also orientate itself on real sound structures of everyday life in the postindustrial world. no rhythmic formulae are used for the basis, but instead periodically repetitive microintervals of one stereo sound at the same time. listening to these sounds layered, rastered, and transformed by effect processors associations arise: rather with »moiré« as known in printing than with handed down classical composition media.

marc behrens has been working on electro-acoustic music since the beginning of the nineties. numerous installations and music-releases [for example on/for: trente oiseaux, ash int., rlw, digital narcis] verify above all his search for compositional concepts by means of micromodulations of a predefined basic sound spectrum and its location along a time line.

release date: 1996-09-01

media: compact disc

label: rastermusic

label: clear series

image 1: marc behrens | cdr013 | final ballet | compact discimage 2: marc behrens | cdr013 | final ballet | compact disc


scene 1 | 06:09
scene 2 | 10:36
scene 3 | 02:39
scene 4 | 04:04
scene 5 | 10:02
scene 6 | 05:52
scene 7 : toward stasis | 12:39
secret scene : gesture 1 | 09:01