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cdr015 | COH. enter tinnitus | compact disc

objects and phenomena commonly viewed as "static" often appear to be lively processes or life-forms in a different scale, dimension or system of coordinates. it is possible to observe known "hidden" activities (such as planetary motion, cellular life or electro-magnetic disturbances) by using an appropiate technique. however, these processes can also be perceived as anomalies in a state of enhanced awareness or hyper-sensitivity. sometimes they are fun, too.

written & arranged by ivan pavlov/COH
voice and lyrics on 10 by sasha, technical assistance: a-lisa
recorded in july-september `98

release date: 1998-09-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: static series

image 1: COH | cdr015 | enter tinnitus | compact discimage 2: COH | cdr015 | enter tinnitus | compact disc


¡open up! | 00:54
decoded : terminate | 05:09
solool | 04:06
their new polka | 06:16
heltkamp | 05:35
speaking tones | 04:28
siesta for two | 05:30
expect now | 06:13
space odyssey revisited | 05:48
the fourteenth thing she did today (to a. b.) | 02:45