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cdr032 | noto. telefunken | compact disc

telefunken is a normal audio cd release.

this cd contains 30 tracks combining audio and visual information for tv. the first 20 pieces are line constructs based on impulse frequencies, the last ten are test frequencies from 50-8000 hz and white noise.

for best results please use a »blacktrinitron-tv« from sony connect the cd-out (chinch) and the television set via »scart« adapter for the s-vhs input.

tracks 01 - 20 impulse to line
tracks 21 - 30 testtones

release date: 2000-05-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: clear series

image 1: noto | cdr032 | telefunken | compact discimage 2: noto | cdr032 | telefunken | compact disc


01 - 20 impulse to line | 00:00
21 - 30 testtones | 00:00