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cdr035 | senking. trial | compact disc

jens massel aka senking, fumble, kandis has established to an integral part of cologne music scene during the last two years. creating music far away from the typical party sound or subtle humoristic style of label a-musik the »sound of cologne« gained a lot from him.

»trial«, the latest release of his senking-project, is an attempt to go into the field of «clicks and errors« where he puts his main interest on creating songs, density and deepness. the tracks are a kind of tale nearly melodies and quotes from dub integrated in a tension that works with dynamics. send through effect tools again and again and repiled up it`s rather about expression and carrying personal trademarks than technical process. the guitar in the last track is thus logically the consequence of the ambition of the release.

release date: 2000-10-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: static series

image 1: senking | cdr035 | trial | compact discimage 2: senking | cdr035 | trial | compact discimage 3: senking | cdr035 | trial | compact disc


flaw | 04:25
wind up | 04:54
lurk | 04:45
trackdown | 04:21
hide out | 08:26
pell-mell | 04:56
dent | 04:04
lift | 04:17