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cdr036 | mokira. cliphop | compact disc

andreas tilliander works as a music assistant at a swedish music company and already took part in some productions. he cooperated with mikael stavöstrand (mitek, staalplaat,etc.) for few times but lately he is involved in his own projects komp, mokira. as mokira it`s his debut release on label raster-noton.

coming from hard industrial music he has always been more interested in sounds rather than songs. nevertheless the rhythmic tracks on »cliphop« circle around a tangible groove. digital crackling, fragmented hard disk statics provide the sampler. enclosed in ultra-low baselines it spreads out warmth. the sometimes quite long tracks increase straightly to compact arrangements that let you flex within the music.

release date: 2000-10-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: static series

image 1: mokira | cdr036 | cliphop | compact discimage 2: mokira | cdr036 | cliphop | compact disc


redo | 04:36
palm | 06:40
from | 05:10
kind | 06:38
same | 04:10
byte | 06:23
hiss | 05:53
full | 05:00
list | 05:07
slut | 05:07