raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : alva noto + opiate | cdr040 | opto files | compact disc, ep (21 min)

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cdr040 | alva noto + opiate. opto files | compact disc, ep (21 min)

thomas knaak aka opiate is one of the most acclaimed artists coming from denmark. in the early beginning of the 90s he started as a dj, establishing himself as one of the first to bring ambient, electronica and drum`n bass to the clubs. as a key figure in electronic music field he has been working on several projects like compiling "boredom is deep and mysterious" series with anders remmer (dub tractor) , his own band future 3 and solo as opiate. since 1999 he is running his own label hobby industries. his debut "objects for an ideal home" has been considered as an electronic landmark. among the people to recognize his talent outside danmark are bjork, bomb the bass, piano magic and carsten nicolai aka noto. thomas has since worked with all of them in different collaborations. tracks from future 3 were remixed by people like coldcut.

his release on raster-noton came into being through e-mail contact. files had been exchanged and the material had been remixed. so a compact disc with lyric elements had been created. digital sounds arise "satisfied" abstract melodies without getting lost in playroom-charm. the mixture between notos mathematic structures and opiates pop-qualities is well done. the ep spreads out a dark warmth which follows the typical static series sound.

release date: 2001-04-01

media: compact disc, ep (21 min)

label: raster-noton

label: static series

image 1: alva noto + opiate | cdr040 | opto files | compact disc, ep (21 min)


opto file 1 | 05:08
opto file 2 | 17:40
opto file 3 | 07:55
opto file 4 | 02:34