raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : alva noto + byetone + komet | cdr042 | (o)acis box | 4 x compact disc, ep (21 min)

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cdr042 | alva noto + byetone + komet. (o)acis box | 4 x compact disc, ep (21 min)

the box includes cdep releases from the label artists who contributed into the raster-noton event at taktlos 2000 in bern, switzerland.komet, COH, noto and byetone form what can be referred to as the"core" of raster-noton - the label that for several years has been the platform to manifest their ideas in art, music and graphic design.the pieces of music contributed to the release supposedly reflect upon the label`s reference points as well as can be seen as the artists` vision of raster-noton.

modul 4 epcd of carsten nicolai aka noto opens up a soundspace of deep,overlayed bass frequencies combined to a smooth piece of music. perfectly arranged wavefiles that seem to be most achievable unison of structure and sound.

byetone and komet provide more rhythm-driven tracks.while byetones remixes seem oriented towards cinema dramaturgy, komets work is more interconnected structurally within a continuous flux.

the COH ep appears to be a sonic interpretation of a drawing by D42 who also contributed with graphic/visual work into the event at taktlos 2000. the drawing is the actual title of the ep.

ep - komet
ep - noto
ep - byetone
ep - COH

release date: 2001-07-01

media: 4 x compact disc, ep (21 min)

label: raster-noton

label: limited

image 1: alva noto + byetone + komet | cdr042 | (o)acis box | 4 x compact disc, ep (21 min)


alva noto. modul 4 | 00:00
byetone. lumen | 00:00
komet. cut | 00:00
COH. drum+bass | 00:00