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cdr047 | senking. forge | compact disc

jens massel, born in 1969, lives in remage near cologne. he has been releasing music as fumble, kandis and senking for several years now. since 19xx he is focused on his own interpretation/version/style of electronic music. for him, the prior base of every sound are emotions and spontaneous happenings or compositions.

also on his latest release on raster-noton this ambition can be recognized. senking creates those moments by only using a few sound fragments. "forge" therefore is a 20 minutes flow - a linear and uncensored piece of sounds, emotions and moments.

release date: 2002-05-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: raster-post

image 1: senking | cdr047 | forge | compact disc


forge | 26:30