raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : william basinski | cdr048 | the river | 2 x compact disc

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cdr048 | william basinski. the river | 2 x compact disc

The River is the culmination of william basinski's shortwavemusic experiments. it was recorded in real time in 1983 using tape loops and shortwave radio static. the loops were all culled from the airwaves, short bits of string melody taken from the muzak radiostation, slowed down and mixed live to cassette from two 50's norelco reel-to-reel decks with a random accompaniment of shifting shortwave radio static.

»growing up in the 70's, with a love for the lush sound of the Mellotron, but not having the pocketbook to own one, I decided to try to create my own. I had heard that the sounds were recorded on tape loops, so I began recording small bits of lush strings from intros and interludes in muzak songs touse as my ›keys‹. the aspect of pulling all the sounds from the airwaves, to create something from nothing, fascinated me. with these elemental, organic loops that I had saved aside for The River, I was attempting to record ›the music of the spheres‹. the 90 minute length was decried by the length of the two sides of the cassette. the idea was to have a piece which could repeat endlessly creating an eternal, meditative womb of tranquility.«

release date: 2002-12-01

media: 2 x compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: clear series

image 1: william basinski | cdr048 | the river | 2 x compact discimage 2: william basinski | cdr048 | the river | 2 x compact disc


the river 01 | 46:49
the river 02 | 46:56