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cdr057 | pixel. display | compact disc

pixel aka jon egeskov was born in denmark in 1973. he studied jazz at copenhagen conservatory with saxophone as his main instrument. these studies allowed an unconventional approach to modern electronic music.

he mixes swing and complex polyrhythmic structures. he employs indian metres like the "konnakol" and creates correlations to tightly quantized music.

display shows that he knows how to ad-lib with melodic lines, to spontaneously wind and melt these lines into each other again and again.

on his debut album pixel succeeds in keeping a balance between sensitive lyrical melodies and lively vibrant rhythm patterns. he establishes relationships between them and aggressive digital sounds as well as static waveforms. so he creates an energetic music which carries many elements of jazz in a vivid way.

release date: 2003-10-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: raster-post

image 1: pixel | cdr057 | display | compact disc


scrapple from the apple | 10:39
dream | 05:28
auslaufrille I | 05:14
auslaufrille II | 10:07
hardcore | 06:19