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cdr058 | modul. isol | compact disc

Donnacha Costello lives and works in dublin. Beside his own label minimise he releases also on mille plateaux and force inc. At raster-noton he uses the pseudonym »modul«.

Isol keeps a deep inside structure. Wide loops go beyond the borders of the first three tracks, so that they seem to grow together to an united piece. Nevertheless, breaking up rhythm makes the boundaries perceptible. In shift I the oscillating loop-universe is kept down on the bottom by a syncopated rhythm: a futuristic Bossa-version! Shift II gets a different, more agile rhythm-figure. A tiny melody-phrase, which becomes more and more intensive, emerges in front of that figure. In this way, an idea, formulated by Einstürzende Neubauten, becomes acoustic reality: »Das Lied schläft in der Maschine« (the song is sleeping in the machine). Clear seems to divide Isol in two segments and it figures as a caesura. The rhythm includes a static noise, giving the track a virulent character. kkun I opens the second part of Isol and is aside from shift II the other great track, refering to the abundant creation and especially the atmosphere. It is a digitized deep-sea-landscape! The idea, to put the voice of a woman in this digital world is very efficient. The rhythm rears up to a pulse beat, on the climax appears a voice of mikroscopic size. kkun II refers to this sphere and grows together with kkun I to an organic-living unit. The mathematical-digital process, presented at the beginning of Isol, is woven into a biomorphic - emotional experience.

release date: 2004-02-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: raster-post

image 1: modul | cdr058 | isol | compact discimage 2: modul | cdr058 | isol | compact disc


shift I | 05:53
shift II | 09:48
shift III | 06:19
clear | 03:57
kkun I | 10:30
kkun II | 08:38