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cdr059 | herve boghossian. mouvements | compact disc

with >mouvements< the artist Hervé Boghossian presents his newest work. regarding the technique of composition as well as the acoustic effect the album is an exception. starting point are several guitar-compositions played live into computer. in a second step the composition is re-worked using plug-in-effects. the results are gliding sounds. a pleasant harmonic take in the glassy-metallic sound a far reminiscence of the primary of the guitar-composition. thus the complete album becomes a real transcendence. structures of tact where completely dissolved. the magnetic-acoustic stream gets a wide perspective. several titles commenting the tracks and show, how they belong together in a deeper sense.

track I >mouvement aérien< (airy movement) carries the music to the listener. until track IV a shift of accent is remarkable. this cumulates in track V >organe ouvert< (open voice) - the core and climax of the album. the significant atmosphere of this track is taken up once again in track VII >mémoire cyclique< (cyclic remind). from this point on the music seems to go away from the listener, a process which ends after >fin de conversation< (track IX). It leaves him flying away in a >mouvement aérien<, leaves him behind with a strange-thoughtful feeling, alone.

hervé boghossian lives and works in paris.

release date: 2004-06-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: raster-post

image 1: herve boghossian | cdr059 | mouvements | compact discimage 2: herve boghossian | cdr059 | mouvements | compact disc


mouvement a érien | 04:33
corrosion sourde | 04:11
insolation sonore | 04:06
étendue blanche | 04:56
organe ouvert | 04:35
champs magnétique | 04:58
mémoire cyclique | 04:08
vagues statiques | 04:01
fin de conversation | 06:22
mouvement aé rien | 04:58