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ext001 | cyclo. baseliner 128 sec | poster

An exclusive A0 format limited edition fine art print from the book cyclo. id: vol. 1, on 210g PPM Pastell Matt Paper.

Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai both work at the cutting-edge of contemporary electronic music and sound art. In 1999, the two artists initiated the joint project cyclo., which is devoted to the visualization of sound. In their shared work, they generate new hybrid forms of audiovisual art and expand the possibilities of digital technology. The featured images are formed by the metering of sound bits that have been selected by the artists with meticulous care according to their acoustic and illustrative potential.

Carsten Nicolai, the renowned German contemporary artist who successfully documented fundamental visual structures in Grid Index and Moiré Index, has been working at the intersection of art and science since the early 1990s. The work of Ryoji Ikeda, one of Japan’s leading electronic composers, explores the physical properties of sound.

limited edition of 30 offset prints signed and numbered by the artist.

art print, format A0, size 84.1 x 118.9 cm / 33.1 x 46.8 inch, by gestalten verlag.

cyclo. id cd (r-n127), 12“ vinyl ep (r-n127-2) and book (r-n127-3) is available as well.

release date: 2011-12-04

media: poster

label: gestalten verlag

image 1: cyclo | ext001 | baseliner 128 sec | posterimage 2: cyclo | ext001 | baseliner 128 sec | poster