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ext006-1 | red bull music academy. for the record (1 cd) | book + cd

red bull music academy is creating the future of music by bringing the vanguard of the industry together. in the book „for the record“, the leaders shaping the current musical landscape offer their insights on today’s most relevant topics and how they will affect the evolution of music production.

"for the record" includes conversations between luminaries such as nile rodgers and martyn ware—the forces behind some of the biggest tunes in disco and pop from the likes of chic, daft punk, david bowie, madonna, the human league, and heaven 17—who compare notes on the best way to create chart-topping hits. erykah badu, one of neo-soul’s defining voices, shares career advice and psychedelic wisdom with up-and-coming new york rap duo the underachievers. dj harvey and ben ufo, two different generations of djs, talk about the good old days, the present day, and the uncertain future of selecting records for a living. jamaican visionary lee “scratch” perry is paired with uk dub producer adrian sherwood. those familiar with perry’s unique worldview will not be disappointed by this surprising and funny conversation.

during sonar 2013 in barcelona, red bull music academy also conducted an extensive interview with carsten nicolai (aka alva noto), uwe schmidt (aka atom™) and olaf bender (aka byetone), which became part of „for the record“. we are now offering the book in combination with either one cd (univrs or HD or symeta, catalog number ext006-1) or a package of all three cds of the involved artists (univrs and HD and symeta, catalog number ext006-3).

gestalten verlag, 24 x 28 cm, 400 pages, full color, high-quality hardcover, english, 1 x compact disc

please state in the comment field which cd you would like us to include (univrs / HD / symeta).

release date: 2013-12-10

media: book + cd

image 1: red bull music academy | ext006-1 | for the record (1 cd) | book + cd