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r-n 046 | mitchell akiyama. temporary music | compact disc

born in toronto, based in montreal, mitchell akiyama has been carving a niche for himself as one of the premier avant-garde electronic artists in canada.originally trained in classical music and jazz on piano and guitar, he began composing electronic music in 1995.

akiyamas new album, "temporary music", is a collection of fragments - shards of pianos, pieces of field recordings, digital interruptions. all pieces are homages to places and people whose images have changed and faded over time. "temporary music" is a representation of the ephemeral nature of experience and the instability of memory.

release date: 2002-05-01

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: raster-post

image 1: mitchell akiyama | r-n 046 | temporary music | compact discimage 2: mitchell akiyama | r-n 046 | temporary music | compact disc


big sur | 06:07
thaw | 05:38
arterial | 04:32
rain to water | 05:49
tied to the mast | 06:56
alongé | 04:21
intravene | 06:00
sun to heat | 06:39
empêcher l’océan | 03:52
temp.est past | 08:18