raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : alva noto | r-n063 | transspray | compact disc, ep (21 min)

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r-n063 | alva noto. transspray | compact disc, ep (21 min)

this release is the third part of the transall cycle. transall approaches with the problematics of speed, the vision of utopia and the dissolution of our ideas into fragments.

alva noto a.k.a. carsten nicolai states:

... speed of data-flow is equivalent to the speed of our time. in an era when virtual products of our ideas are expanding, we are simultaneously positioning a calm point in which to settle ourselves.

text, image, vector graphic - storage files, were translated into raw audio data as the source material from which constellations of diffused sound start to form. special emphasis is put on the rhythmic aspect of the digitalised and rasterised data. the tools of their transformation reveal themselves by the structure of the recordings.

by the restricting itself to simple and transparent mechanisms, this process becomes independent from existing standards and gains autonomy. ...

ulf poschardt (d) was approached to accompany the cd with a sleeve note, in regard to the content of the release. the text hopefully allows the audience a wider insight into the themes behind the recordings.

translations: shizu yuasa, david d'heilly, tetsu kondo and ken nibori

release date: 2005-04-12

media: compact disc, ep (21 min)

label: raster-noton

label: transall

image 1: alva noto | r-n063 | transspray | compact disc, ep (21 min)image 2: alva noto | r-n063 | transspray | compact disc, ep (21 min)image 3: alva noto | r-n063 | transspray | compact disc, ep (21 min)


fuel for black quartz | 01:16
r/re/repeat (+ i-sound) | 00:53
bit | 05:49
birr | 01:48
obi one (edit xs version) | 02:40
f 117.tiff | 01:51
autoshape | 05:39
spray | 01:39