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r-n067 | carl michael von hausswolff. leech | compact disc

with his works the swedish artist carl michael von hausswolff takes interest in revealing and using accoustic, visual, social and cultural phenomena. for the cd leech he acts as a parasite on works by olafur eliasson, carsten höller, tommi grönlund/petteri nisunen and richard james. in the three first pieces he sucked energy/sound out from the electric functions of those works; sounds that normally can not be heard. on james' work he bruises the skin surface as leeches usually do before they penetrate the body. this is a new way of sampling; a reading of the un-readable in certain types of art works. it might be a "l'art pour l'art"-production but this was unavoidable as this "search for the real" continued.

leech is the second release by carl michael von hausswolff on raster-noton.

release date: 2006-02-02

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: limited

image 1: carl michael von hausswolff | r-n067 | leech | compact discimage 2: carl michael von hausswolff | r-n067 | leech | compact disc


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