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r-n071 | COH. patherns | compact disc, ep (21 min)

the raster-post series winds up with a pop release by label regular and favorite COH aka ivan pavlov. entitled "PATHERNS", this 4 track CD-EP creates a picture-puzzle like effect while at the same are four exercises in constructive melancholy. COH seems to throw back to the times of pushing rhythms and propulsive club music of the 80's & 90's (as we all know his love for the "moroder" sound), but the past appears digitalized here … nothing would make you think that this is not a product of the 21st century!

the PATHERNS EP presents COH's sonic speculation in humorous and almost lyrical terms. the texture varies from piece to piece, but the basic structure stays the same and creates a diabolic drive which is a force in itself. while frisky and playful in some parts, this release never loses it's depth. in this respect the listener should follow the instruction on the cover: PLAY LOUD IF YOU CAN!

release date: 2006-06-01

media: compact disc, ep (21 min)

label: raster-noton

label: raster-post

image 1: COH | r-n071 | patherns | compact disc, ep (21 min)image 2: COH | r-n071 | patherns | compact disc, ep (21 min)image 3: COH | r-n071 | patherns | compact disc, ep (21 min)


path.#1 | 06:54
path.#2 | 04:58
path.#3 (dynamo baby, bore me numb) | 06:33
path.#4 | 05:26