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r-n079-2 | alva noto. transform collectors edition | compact disc

'transform', originally released on mille plateaux (mp 102, 2001), is now being re-released on raster-noton. the album, released as cd, comes with a new cover and digitally remastered. on 'transform', alva noto means to reduce the aesthetic of pop to the bone. rather than in pop music, where the basic focus lies on harmonic and melodic forms, on transform they give way to pure rhythm structures derived from only sine tones and white noise, which nevertheless convey an emotional level.

transform is the first part of alva noto's 'transall' series (along with the eps 'transrapid', 'transspray', 'transvision', 2001-2005) and after his first release on mille plateaux, 'prototypes' (mp 82, 2000), marked his next step into a more rhythmically oriented phase of his work.

transform cd comes in two different packages - standard retail jacket and collectors jacket (only available on shop.raster-noton.net). the collectors version is meant to fit into transall collectors box (r-n 66), together with transrapid (r-n 61), transspray (r-n 62) and transvision (r-n 63).

release date: 2008-03-21

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: transall

image 1: alva noto | r-n079-2 | transform collectors edition | compact disc


module 1 | 05:49
module 2 | 03:37
module 3 | 10:09
module 4 | 06:26
module 5 | 04:43
module 6 | 05:36
module 7 | 04:58
module 8 | 05:27
module 9 | 07:45
module 10 | 02:41