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r-n081 | VARIOUS ARTISTS. plastic star | 12" vinyl maxi

olaf bender is co-founder of raster-noton label. with plastic star he (pre-)releases an ep of his upcoming album death of a typographer on the label. plastic star, the title track, illustrates quite well his main concern with music. a stoical bass drum beat grows, gains energy and intensifies with expressive guitar-like sound waves into an intense and propulsive piece. the sound pretty much reminds of rock music, of the 80-s, but byetone rather focuses on the concept and attitude of that music. he stresses the simple and profane elements, its expressiveness, its (sha)manic part. three invited guest-musicians and remixers, sleep archive, alva noto and dr. walker, continue the project tuning plastic star for their particular universe. only by doing so they prepare the 12" vinyl for its final destination - the club.

plastic star will be available as vinyl and digital download

web sleeparchive: www.sleeparchive.de

web alva noto: www.alvanoto.com

web dr. walker / liquid sky: www.myspace.com/dr_walker

release date: 2008-02-04

media: 12" vinyl maxi

label: raster-noton

label: _

image 1: byetone + sleeparchive + alva noto + dr walker | r-n081 | plastic star | 12


plastic star | 04:51
plastic star sleeparchive rmx | 04:22
plastic star alva noto rmx | 04:54
plastic star dr walker rmx | 04:12