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r-n083 | raster-noton. aiff-tiff | book + cd

a collaboration of ´idea magazine´ and ´raster-noton´. ´idea mag - magazine for international graphic design and typography´, issue 2009.1, # 332, contains an exclusive supplement called ´aiff-tiff´.

´aiff-tiff´, booklet, 64 pages, color print, 17 cm x 23 cm, texts english and japanese
compact disc audio, 8 tracks (some previously unreleased)

preview http://www.raster-noton.net/download/aiff-tiff.pdf

in connection with ´raster-noton´ japan tour in december 2008 ´aiff-tiff´ shows the different concepts of audio visualisation of the artists involved. ´aiff-tiff´ was given away with ´idea magazine´ issue january 2009. we are happy to offer a special off-print-edition, limited to 300 copies.

compact disc:

01 alva noto - u_03 - from unitxt, r-n095
02 alva noto - xerrox teion - from xerrox vol.2, r-n103
03 alva noto - xerrox teion acat - from xerrox vol.2, r-n103
04 byetone - capture this (II) - from death of a typographer, r-n092
05 frank bretschneider - ventilator - previously unreleased
06 nibo - 25461604853501412845836947 - previously unreleased
07 cyclo - c31_basscorner - previously unreleased
08 signal - naplafa - from robotron, r-n069

release date: 2009-01-20

media: book + cd

label: raster-noton

image 1: raster-noton | r-n083 | aiff-tiff | book + cdimage 2: raster-noton | r-n083 | aiff-tiff | book + cd