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r-n085 | COH. strings | 2 x compact disc

strings is primarily an attempt to reconcile the aesthetics of digital sound with that of the more traditional music instruments and to enrich the respective domains with the qualities of each other. in a larger scale, the album targets the stereotypes in today's perception of music, trying to smooth out the borders between academic and popular, traditional and contemporary, serious and amusing - all in favour of music. the choice of instruments follows COH's own experience in music: from years of piano lessons as a child, through playing in a heavy metal band during teenage, further to the recent years of work in the area of digital sound and composition.

composed and recorded in 2006 by ivan pavlov/COH .

disc one

part i - sidereal as if not
i.i - piano tranquillo - 08:03
i.ii - andante facile - 06:00

part ii - no monsters no rock
ii.i - mezzo forte passionato - 06:11
ii.ii - vittorioso calando - 06:55

part iii - euphrates
iii.i - spiritoso, con amore - 11:40
iii.ii - devoto maestoso al fine - 06:50

disc two

su-u - 16:59

part i utilizes recordings of an yamaha grand piano originally made for COH seasons 2 x 12“ at fylkingen, stockholm in 2001.

part ii is recorded with a red musima elektra de luxe v guitar purchased in the ussr back in 1988.

part iii and su-u are inspired by and based around the improvised recordings of saz and oud played and kindly donated for the project by andrej abu kolesov (d.a.o.). su-u was first recorded as a quadrophonic installation piece for raster-noton „essential room“, sonar 2006, barcelona, spain.

release date: 2007-09-21

media: 2 x compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: _

image 1: COH | r-n085 | strings | 2 x compact disc


sidereal as if not (part i - piano tranquillo) | 08:03
sidereal as if not (part ii - andante facile) | 06:00
no monsters no rock (part i - mezzo forte passionato) | 06:11
no monsters no rock (part ii - vittorioso calando) | 06:55
euphrates (part i - spiritoso, con amore) | 11:40
euphrates (part ii - devoto maestoso al fine) | 08:50
SU-U | 16:59