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r-n091 | COH + cosey fanni tutti. COH PLAYS COSEY | compact disc

COH PLAYS COSEY CD is the first part of an ongoing collaborative project between Ivan Pavlov/COH and Cosey Fanni Tutti known for her solo performances and work with Chris Carter/CTI as well as for being a part of the radical cultural phenomena COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle. Very much a statement rather than just a musical venture, COH PLAYS COSEY deals with concepts of honesty, trust, privacy, communication as well as (perception of) sexuality. The work represents a very close, if an intimate, contact between the two, where one (Ivan) was to interpret voice recordings made for him by the other (Cosey) - recordings made in intensely emotional states to establish a dialogue that extends beyond words, beyond intellect. A most private emotional diary of one (Cosey) pronounced to the general public by the other (Ivan ). The work has been kept hermetic by Ivan voluntarily restricting his choice of sound exclusively to that originating from the voice recordings, thus preserving the raw quality of his source material. In this explicit sonic adventure COH plays Cosey without inhibitions, without fear and without questioning the content submitted. COH plays Cosey like an actor - becoming her through his elaborate transformations of the voice. COH plays Cosey like a computer game - making his way though the infinite combinations and variety of human expression with ease and sense of fun. COH plays Cosey like in sex - fully controlling the process and manifesting the eventual outcome. COH PLAYS COSEY is a world of the embarrassingly unspoken made audible, COH PLAYS COSEY is the place where there is nothing left to hide.

for collectors: there will be the japanese and european edition available at our online-store.

release date: 2008-03-26

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

label: _

image 1: COH + cosey fanni tutti | r-n091 | COH PLAYS COSEY | compact discimage 2: COH + cosey fanni tutti | r-n091 | COH PLAYS COSEY | compact discimage 3: COH + cosey fanni tutti | r-n091 | COH PLAYS COSEY | compact disc


closer | 05:11
crazy | 05:58
mad | 06:06
sin-king | 08:26
lost | 04:29
near you | 04:53
fuck it | 04:00
inside | 04:58
lying | 05:34