raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : signal | r-n104 | wardenclyffe session [11, the final one] | compact disc

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r-n104 | signal. wardenclyffe session [11, the final one] | compact disc

wardenclyffe, long island. the 20th century is still young, the transatlantic telegraph cable has just been laid, the great ocean liners compete for the blue ribbon for the fastest atlantic crossing. the engineer nicola tesla constructs his world system on the american east coast, a never-completed installation of transmission masts intended to open the aether to a world-encompassing communication and energy system. carsten nicolai (alva noto), olaf bender (byetone), frank bretschneider (komet), mark peljhan (mx) and aljosa abrahamsberg (null) together produced teslas's visionary networking under studio conditions. their session was determined by recorded and real-time analysis of electromagnetic and acoustic radio and satellite signals. the transmissions were tonally modulated and transformed in an ad hoc physical experimental set-up and finally broadcast back in changed form into the aether.

signal and pact systems were involved in TESLA media-art-laboratory with their wardenclyffe project. the wardenclyffe session [11, the final one] live at tesla berlin was recorded in 2006. the cd was included in the book tesla berlin (r-n104-2) and comes now as a solo cd, limited edition in a special case.

release date: 2010-12-14

media: compact disc

label: noton.archiv für ton und nichtton

image 1: signal | r-n104 | wardenclyffe session [11, the final one] | compact disc


introducing | 01:46
pls I | 05:53
white dove I | 13:07
pls II | 05:24
white dove II | 04:55
tesla, tower | 13:51