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r-n107-03 | snd. atavism 96 khz | sdhc card

SND's successful ATAVISM album is now available on SDHC card (4 GB). The card contains all tracks in a special high quality format:

sampling rate: 96 kHz
bit depth: 24 bit
file format: wav

The tracks were specially mastered by Dubplates&Mastering, Berlin. Please make sure that your soundcard accepts this sampling rate.

“Atavism is the fourth album from snd. It reveals, explores and reinterprets the fundamentals of its origins interpreted in a new time and a new context: simultaneously iteration, re-interpretation and a process of invention - both an allusion to the origins of a type and the genesis of something new. The geometric forms and rhythmic assuredness of first-wave techno combine with the linear clarity of digital minimalism to expose themes whose rhythmic and harmonic immediacy and ostensive sparsity belie the complexity of their form. In a cycle of exposition and development materials are slowly drawn through processes of compression and expansion, inversion and reversal, atomization and consolidation, to return shaped into new orders – a process of sonic origami. Over 16 untitled pieces, themes are developed slowly to the point of obliteration only to be re - layered and rediscovered in new surroundings.”

Raster-Noton has been following the creativity of the boys behind SND for years. The special radicality of their work gains our full respect. The early release “blir. edits” (r-n064) which was part of raster-series documents this fundamental interest. We are proud to continue our collaboration by publishing a “real” SND-album.

release date: 2010-03-16

media: sdhc card

label: raster-noton

image 1: snd | r-n107-03  | atavism 96 khz | sdhc cardimage 2: snd | r-n107-03  | atavism 96 khz | sdhc card


00:28:70 96khz | 00:28
08:21:61 96khz | 08:21
03:21:25 96khz | 03:21
04:29:70 96khz | 04:30
01:05:64 96khz | 01:06
03:32:44 96khz | 03:33
07:09:73 96khz | 07:10
01:32:20 96khz | 01:32
04:29:59 96khz | 04:30
02:13:69 96khz | 02:14
01:47:69 96khz | 01:48
06:24:41 96khz | 06:25
09:05:03 96khz | 09:05
05:36:58 96khz | 05:37
00:30:55 96khz | 00:31
02:07:55 96khz | 02:08