raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : Grischa Lichtenberger | r-n112 | ununbium / ~treibgut | 12" vinyl maxi

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r-n112 | Grischa Lichtenberger. ununbium / ~treibgut | 12" vinyl maxi

Grischa Lichtenberger is a new artist on raster-noton. For ~treibgut album he recorded sounds from the world around him like a sliding tabletop, the noise of a radiator or the humming of a broken device. By means of digital manipulation these sounds are transformed into sound-giving instruments.

„The title ~treibgut refers to the German proverbial Treibholz, describing a piece of wood floating in a river or the sea. In this sense it expresses a relation to things: between the observer and the floating thing, which has obliterated its functionality, there is no immidiate connection – there is a lack of unifying meaning. Of it, the observer always only sees aspects, while the thing, without him on its mind, drifts by.

Within a secondary meaning -treib’ gut- extends the German proverbial phrase -mach’s gut- (farewell). The imperative form -treib’ gut- designates a forceful, inavoidable distance to an other, who cannot be followed due to ones own spacial or temporal finiteness.

In the light of such loss, which biographically manifests itself as exile and isolation, the demand of an unconditional relation to things is formulated – a demand for the possibility of an approach to the immediate moments of a situation.“

~treibgut (ununbium r-n112) is second part of unun series (r-n111 to r-n119) and it is available as 12“ vinyl and wav/mp3.

release date: 2009-05-25

media: 12" vinyl maxi

label: raster-noton

label: unun series

image 1: Grischa  Lichtenberger | r-n112 | ununbium / ~treibgut | 12image 2: Grischa  Lichtenberger | r-n112 | ununbium / ~treibgut | 12


0406_01_RS_! | 03:42
1205_10 | 04:40
0607_lv_1_re | 03:43
calipso | 03:29
010_13_lv_3 sand ausheben | 03:01