raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : Aoki Takamasa | r-n113 | ununtrium / RN-RHYTHM-VARIATIONS | 12" vinyl maxi

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r-n113 | Aoki Takamasa. ununtrium / RN-RHYTHM-VARIATIONS | 12" vinyl maxi

this is the first release of aoki takamasa on raster-noton.

aoki was born 1976 in osaka and is presently resident in berlin, germany. he has been releasing music since 2001 and ever since has been reviewing his personal methodology whilst actively creating sounds based mainly on computer/software. aoki is an energetic artist vigorously expanding the limits of original musical expression. he enthusiastically pursues an expansive variety of techniques of expression via a broad array of software and hardware. the rhythm and groove created by driving the cpu to the max may seem extreme. however, the respect and the inquiring mind to the root existence of the art expression of music keeps flowing incessantly.

r-n 113 is available as 12“ vinyl ep and as digital download (special extended version). It is the third release of the raster-noton unun series. the series started with unununium (r-n111), ununbium (r-n112) and will be continued by ununquadium (r-n114), ununpentium (r-n115), ununhexium (r-n116), ununoctium (r-n118) and ununennium (r-n119).

release date: 2009-10-05

media: 12" vinyl maxi

label: raster-noton

label: unun series

image 1: Aoki  Takamasa | r-n113 | ununtrium / RN-RHYTHM-VARIATIONS | 12


RN2-09 PT1+PT2 | 05:37
RN3-09 | 06:04
RN4-09 | 09:00
RN5-09 | 08:44