raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : mika vainio | r-n114 | ununquadium / vandal ep | 12" vinyl maxi

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r-n114 | mika vainio. ununquadium / vandal ep | 12" vinyl maxi

Mika Vainio’s four tracks on “Vandal” EP show his preference for analogue working. He consequently develops a dynamic sound we all remember from PanSonic, working himself from a rather abstract structure towards arrangements which more and more suit a club setting. Straight beats, noise and the denial of the usual clicks&cuts elements are the ingredients for his contemporary version of electronic club music. The quality of his music will not only convince on the dancefloor but also on the home stereo. Mika’s passion for dynamics, reduction and industrial oscillates between these three cornerstones and what his sound stands for: being physical, raw and profound beyond all clichés.

vandal ep / ununquadium comes as 12“ vinyl EP and digital download. It is the fourth release of the raster-noton unun series. the series started with unununium (r-n111), ununbium (r-n112) and ununtrium (r-n113) and will be continued by ununpentium (r-n115), ununhexium (r-n116), ununoctium (r-n118) and ununennium (r-n119).

release date: 2009-11-09

media: 12" vinyl maxi

label: raster-noton

label: unun series

image 1: mika vainio | r-n114 | ununquadium / vandal ep | 12


teutons | 03:59
vandals | 04:00
goths | 04:57
barbarians | 04:54