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r-n122 | senking. pong | cd audio + cd data

PONG – referring to the classic video game – is Senking's fifth release on raster-noton, moving its focus on stretched dubstep rhythms. To these slow motion grooves, he adds shredded melodies, sub basses and echoes, which create an atmosphere like an Angelo-Badalamenti-soundtrack known from David Lynch's movies. His electronic sound aesthetic reflects rather an organic texture than a machine made algorithm. In tradition of former dub producers, he generates his tracks while playing, and therefore they appear to be momentary. They are aware of the club, but do not want to serve it. At Berlin's CTM 2010 Senking proofed that PONG can be massive on stage as well.

A 3D-interpretation of classic PONG by visual artists and software producers of almost sync is attached to the album in a mac and windows version.

release date: 2010-09-06

media: cd audio + cd data

label: raster-noton

image 1: senking | r-n122 | pong | cd audio + cd data


unlighted | 05:27
luma | 05:14
painbug in my eye | 04:09
death by drowning | 03:30
low flow | 09:12
breathing trouble | 03:45
mimi | 06:34
V8 | 04:52
skidozer 301 | 04:04