raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : senking | r-n131 | tweek | 12" vinyl maxi

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r-n131 | senking. tweek | 12" vinyl maxi

since the last senking album „pong“ (r-n122) was a great success in 2010 and sold out quickly raster-noton swiftly asked for a follow-up of massel‘s sound cosmos. on „tweek“ senking again reveals his sense of cineastic atmospheres and dark abysmal depths of sound, which are subordinate to extremely slow choky basses and delayed beats. references to dubstep are rather the result of testing the outlying areas of the frequency spectrum than a direct relation to the genre. nevertheless it seemed very obvious to release senking‘s sound on 12“ vinyl to follow the footsteps of „plasticstar“ (r-n081) and „pruitt igoe“ (r-n124), „tweek“ is meant to be a dj-tool for a club environment.

„tweek“ refers to a character of the well known US series „southpark“, who plays with feelings of incertitude and nervous decease. the album documents the eagerness to experiment and indicates astonishing ideas shining through the dark substance. the tracks even reveal cheerful and comical features.

release date: 2011-10-31

media: 12" vinyl maxi

label: raster-noton

image 1: senking | r-n131 | tweek | 12


black ice | 07:08
hairline 23c | 07:08