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r-n140 | atom TM. winterreise | compact disc

„Winterreise“ is the audio soundtrack to a series of photographies with the same name produced by AtomTM. The series was exhibited during 2011 in Tokyo and Frankfurt (excerpts will be included in the packaging of the „Winterreise“ CD edition).

The „Winterreise“ soundtrack may be considered a sequel to the „Liedgut“ (r-n 99) album, in the sense that the resulting photo series was conceived as a consequence of the contextual framework which „Liedgut“ both initiated and provided. „Winterreise“ though, is a far more abstract piece of work, with its accent in soundscapes and textures. With a balance between the romantic and the scientific, this album evokes, not just accompanies the visual aspect of the „Winterreise“ project in a perfect manner, by painting grainy sonic images that visualize the tradition and the future of the romantic subconscious.

A limited edition of original art prints of Winterreise photos (45 cm x 60 cm and 70 cm x 110 cm) will be available at r-n store.

release date: 2012-04-16

media: compact disc

label: raster-noton

image 1: atom TM | r-n140 | winterreise | compact disc


winterreise | 06:04
voralpenthema | 03:10
streuung teil I | 07:00
streuung teil II | 01:08
streuung teil III | 01:09
drei schneewalzer prolog | 00:54
drei schneewalzer teil I | 04:02
drei schneewalzer teil II | 01:05
drei schneewalzer teil III | 02:30
streuung teil IV | 02:11
ein winterabend in der bowman suite | 03:26
tiefebene | 07:26
voralpenthema II | 02:02
gaußsche landaufnahme teil I | 01:57
gaußsche landaufnahme teil II | 00:51
gaußsche landaufnahme teil III | 03:15
schneewalzer epilog | 02:46