raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : emptyset | r-n151-3 | recur limited heavy vinyl | 12" vinyl

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r-n151-3 | emptyset. recur limited heavy vinyl | 12" vinyl

after successful ep collapsed (r-n116) the bristol based project strikes back with a full length album on raster-noton. once more james ginzburg & paul purgas challenge the perceptual boundaries between noise and music and the potential for both technology and architecture to embed and codify themselves within sound.

recur is presented as emptyset’s third studio album, continuing on from their work with demiurge the material examines the central themes of time, structure and recursion, through the analysis of scale and the interaction of both formal and fractured sonics. the album furthers the project’s exploration of rhythm, dislocation and feedback within the framework of full frequency sound, structural abstraction and analogue processing. the work examines how notions of time interact with both experience and form, and the resulting modes through which this affects sound through compression and rarefaction and the forcing of signal thresholds to their critical point.

recur limited edition comes as 180 gr heavy vinyl, with the cd, an art print (30 x 30 cm) signed by the artist, housed in a special cardboard box with blind stamp, limited to 200 copies. furthermore the album is available as cd (r-n151) and 12" vinyl (r-n151-2).

release date: 2013-10-28

media: 12" vinyl

label: raster-noton

image 1: emptyset | r-n151-3 | recur limited heavy vinyl | 12image 2: emptyset | r-n151-3 | recur limited heavy vinyl | 12image 3: emptyset | r-n151-3 | recur limited heavy vinyl | 12


origin | 03:18
fragment | 03:16
disperse | 04:17
order | 06:36
absence | 04:17
lens | 02:59
instant | 03:35
recur | 03:27
limit | 03:00