raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : COH | vyr026 | mask of birth | 12" vinyl

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vyr026 | COH. mask of birth | 12" vinyl

COH aka ivan pavlov actually born in russia lives and works in sweden, his cultural roots are in his mother country - that means he himself feels more a rapport to the russian avantgarde than to the western rock-pop tradition.

as qualified acoustic coupler he is very involved in developing different possibilities for soundsynthese-types, he has a way to compose rare tones to an ensamble which is shows more an association to lyric an to a comic behind than to "artifical intelligence".

meanwhile his live acts can be seen in germany. he is a member of artist group of raster-noton. mask of birth is his debut work although the other two releases has come earlier. this album is a very personal record which he dedicated to his daughter.

release date: 2000-06-01

media: 12" vinyl

label: raster-noton

label: static series

image 1: COH | vyr026 | mask of birth | 12


suppernature | 06:31
hurt later | 05:32
gearin 2 | 07:11
terra beyond (terra) | 05:32
utopia - me too | 04:54
of 7 | 07:04
boog | 05:18
isb: no balance | 00:23
in spaces between | 06:29