raster-noton. archiv für ton und nichtton : noto | vyr055 | sonar endless loop edition III (i, j) | 10" clear vinyl

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vyr055 | noto. sonar endless loop edition III (i, j) | 10" clear vinyl

carsten nicolai aka noto presented his new "endless loop edition III" at sonar festival, barcelona 2003.

since 1997 four parallel running Technics 1210MK2 record players equipped with different endless groove vinyls have been presented as "bausatz noto" in various galleries, museums and clubs.

inspired by architecture nicolai consequently follows his concept of a kit or module. The kit grows. was the focus of the predecessor on tone and frequency proportions so this new 10 inch concentrates again on serial and rhythmic patterns.

the kit is also meant to be used in a creative manner at home. with an inquiring mind, two record players and the own collection of records a wide field of experiment opens up. the high level of abstraction of the loops, which is typical for nicolai, creates much of a space for different combinations.

"sonar endless loop edition III" is released as a 10'' clear vinyl in an original sonar edition cover.

limited edition

release date: 2003-09-01

media: 10" clear vinyl

label: raster-noton

label: clear series

image 1: noto | vyr055 | sonar endless loop edition III (i, j) | 10image 2: noto | vyr055 | sonar endless loop edition III (i, j) | 10


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