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wav002 | COH. iron | compact disc

after 1998`s ENTER TINNITUS, here`s finally a new full-length release from ivan pavlov aka COH, dedicated to "heavy metal fans all over the world" (as stated on the cover).

with its twisted distortion and riffic loops, the record quite obviously draws its inspiration from the more aggressive domains of pop-music. noisy in places and occasionally even violent, the sound of IRON however never turns abusive: pavlov`s computer-made "heavy metal" is touched with characteristic passion and humor found on his earlier COH releases.

release date: 2000-12-01

media: compact disc

label: wavetrap

label: wavetrap

image 1: COH | wav002 | iron | compact disc


annum per annum (pärt2) | 06:12
east.er.okay.hell | 06:14
love mites | 05:45
waltz nuevo no. 2 | 06:21
for whom the devil tolls | 04:34
rubbing free | 04:51
now (4'19" into 2000) | 04:21
spiegel i'm spiegel | 05:56