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wav003 | minimal self. formula of reversal | compact disc

minimal self is the most recent project of john everall (tactile/sentrax). formula of reversal is an attempt to document via sound a period of intense psychological turmoil. inevitably, therefore, the sounds featured on this recording delineate an hallucinatory perspective; a sonic distillate of a web of delusions. one major source of inspiration was the notion of 'direct film' as explored by len lye, who conceived of the idea that by scrathing directly onto celluloid he could map the activity of his own nervous system, thereby creating an objective correlative of an individual's neurological processes. although everall's approach does not mirror lye's methodology, the objective remains fundamentally similar. to achieve this end everall uses samples of his own speech which are manipulated and mutilated as an act of concealment which in itself is revealing in much the same way as the "unspeech" of schizophrenics. what remains is a series of vapour trails, floating phantom sounds, and shadowy prescences, constituting a phononeurological signature.

release date: 1991-01-01

media: compact disc

label: wavetrap

label: wavetrap

image 1: minimal self | wav003 | formula of reversal | compact discimage 2: minimal self | wav003 | formula of reversal | compact disc


formula of reversal | 50:48