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wav004 | pxp. while (p){print"."," "x$p++} | compact disc

the department for penetration and perversion (pxp), an fm subunit located at [http://wrzk.web.fm/], manages to transmit across viscous to impermeable dimensions a piece of raw waveform, strong DC offsets and polyrythmic acrobatics aligned between, along and on the peripheries of diverse areas such as
+++spam filtering
+++tilting and declowning the axis of "its not generative", cruising the life and times of hans aiberg, mustafa hawking, both on the fringe of making origami ducks out of their lives
+++participants in the configuration war, engaging in actions against your ideas of sticky identity, NExTranScienCenTerminal, KaiMaqam*Tayy-uz-Zeman*Tayy-ul-Meckan, yours or mine or the same?
and who is juan chanson or even x75?

release date: 1991-01-01

media: compact disc

label: wavetrap

label: wavetrap

image 1: pxp | wav004 | while (p){printimage 2: pxp | wav004 | while (p){print


001_05.a_WT-sein-b1 | 03:22
002.003_06.a_WT_XZT86H | 05:22
003.004_12.a_WT-slurp | 06:51
004.005_04.a_WT-bobble.1 | 01:46
005.002_a_WT-4prl-9.4 | 04:41
006_01.7-8 | 01:00
007_08.a_WT-as_x1 | 01:56
008:05.a_WT.sein-a | 07:07
009_01.a_WT-ZP-5,6b | 03:33
011_06.a_WT-rec3-5b | 01:34
013_Newlife.ii.3 | 00:52
014.018_11.a_WTrec_G | 08:18
015.017_meta_US.04 | 07:17
016.015_meta_US.02 | 00:44
017.016_meta_US.03 | 02:37
018.014_meta_US.01 | 04:25